A Velvet Blue Morning's Cycle

I Short Film

The film portrays a desolate universe. It makes remarks on specific lives & beliefs but it’s arguments are constantly contradicted by it’s progressing audio and visuals. Presenting a wide variety of visuals supporting a simple concept, the film completes it’s ‘Blue Morning’s Cycle’ with its spoken poetry and it’s attiring visuals.


2014 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
2014 ZERO Film Festival LA
2015 Daily Staff Picks on Film Shortage
2015 AE Art House Film Festival
2015 North Bay TV ‘Galaxy Theater 13’
2015 Ae Film Festival
2015 Ozark Shorts
2015 TM Film Festival


Max Ritcher – ‘The Young Mariner’

Project Duration

3 Months


Direction, Cinematography & Post Production.