Motion Frames

I Motion Design

This space is dedicated to ongoing visual experiments in Motion Design for the purposes of learning and exploring various visual styles / techniques. These are regularly updated on Instagram @EveryFrameARender

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A visual exercise of integrating motion capture data from Mixamo. It was rendered using Cycles 4D in Maxon Cinema 4D. 

Having an interest in digital world-building, this animation was created to explore Insydium’s TerraformFX, a procedural landscape generation tool. 

I’ve always had a fascination with ‘frozen’ visuals, this was an exercise of re-creating that look. The base was created in Maxon Cinema 4D and compositing done with Adobe After Effects. 

A follow up of the previous experiment. The particles were simulated using Insydium’s X-Particles. 


An exploration, using Octane Scatter to create multiple instances of a set of objects.

Another Octane Scatter experiment.

Cinema 4D’s dynamics, paired with Insydium’s X-Particles.

Using Insydium’s X-Particles and Mesh Tools, to create an esthetic look. Rendered in Cycles 4D.

Other Experiments