PT Gapura Angkasa
I Company Profile Film

About the Client

Established in 1998 as an independent ground services provider, Gapura offers greater competition in the local ground handling scene, providing airlines operating in more than 50 major airports Nationally with an alternative choice in quality ground services; encompassing ramp, cargo & warehousing, passenger and baggage handling, flight operations and aircraft servicing.

Table of Contents


Ground-handling can be a complex topic. In the film, the scope of Gapura’s operations should be easy-to-understand for the average viewer, while also keeping it visually appealing to both their customers and connected businesses. To achieve a cohesive structure for this, a story of a traveler was chosen to showcase & tie-in Gapura Angkasa’s nationwide operations. Through the ongoing meetings and brief with the client, we were further able to narrow down our messaging and keywords, that would guide us throughout our process. 


Fresh Friendly Modern Positive Teamwork


Visual Style

Our key proposal for the look and style, was to have a blend of videography overlaid with 2D graphics. Consisting of elaborate animations that bring a excitement to the viewer, while keeping an friendly, approachable and modern overall appeal.

Initial Style Frames


The storyboard was designed in 3D. This workflow demanded a big upfront time & effort but had two key benefits:

  1. It was flexible in visualizing the final film as best as we could before filming, and easily accommodate any changes requested by client, extremely quickly.
  2. Once the initial asset-building work was done, those assets could be adjusted and utilized in the post-production.


Scheduling needed careful attention, as the production could only take place for 4 days, with only one day inside each of the two airports (Bali & Jakarta). The two-day shoot inside the airports was scheduled based on a pre-defined list of key flights that we needed to capture, and the remaining time allotment for our ‘traveler’s journey’ shoot. There were a number of additional considerations, including security pass-through time and buffer time for additional coverage.



Our core on-set team was nuclear in size to ensure maximum flexibility on the day of shoot. This was especially key for us inside the airport, as certain key flight landings and take-off procedures had to be captured in a timely manner, and the team had to be dynamic and respond promptly to new, developing situations.


The first cut was produced in 1 month. All post-production took place in-house, and client review meetings were held remotely.

In this time, the script was also being recorded and translated into three languages for the final outputs.


The final film was sent to the client, and a short teaser was prepared for their social channels, along with photography deliverables. 


AUMO Group

In association with Dotcom Solution

Direction & Post Production
Mohit Sebastian

Line Producer and Project Coordinator
Audricno Pangestu

Primary Camera
Robin Khung

Secondary Camera
Kenhard Leonardo

Christopher Edo
Moses Hanny

Natasha Sara

Kenhard Leonardo

Lighting Assistants
Tonny Huang
Kevin Anugerah