The Cloud Messenger
I Feature Film

Painting by Artist Amanda Sage
Poster Design by Sky Bird

A contemporary tale of reincarnation about two lovers meeting in the present day after several centuries of longing, yet still trapped in their destiny of a perpetual cycle of love and death.

Directed by
Rahat Mahajan

Presented by
Mahamudra Collective & Sanjay Singh Films

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022 (Tiger Awards Nominee)

IFFR’s trade mark competition founded in 1995, celebrates the innovative and adventurous spirit of up-and-coming filmmakers from all over the world.

My Role

Director’s Assistant, Post-Production Assistant and Visual Effects

My journey on this film started in 2019. Since then, I’ve been intricately involved in all aspects of Pre-Production, Production & Post Production. Being part of the direction team and aiding in managing a large team of 130 people during production in a high-pressure, time-bound & fluid environment.

In the film, I handled the entire end-to-end Visual Effects workflow of over 150 shots. I also captured the behind-the-scenes of production.

A more detailed breakdown will be added soon. Please view the Press Kit here for more information on the film. 

Film Screens