A Velvet Blue Morning’s Cycle I Short Film

A Velvet Blue Morning’s Cycle I Short Film The film portrays a desolate universe. It makes remarks on specific lives & beliefs but it’s arguments are constantly contradicted by it’s progressing audio and visuals. Presenting a wide variety of visuals supporting a simple concept, the film completes it’s ‘Blue Morning’s Cycle’ with its spoken poetry […]

Iceman I Short Film

Iceman I Short Film This is an older, previously-shelved personal project; merging his words with the microscopic images and a procedural sound design reflecting his tone of voice. Audio excerpt taken from Richard Kuklinski’s 2001 HBO Interview. Responsibilities Concept, Cinematography, Sound Design and Post Production. Project Duration 3 Weeks

Memories I Documentary Film

Memories I Documentary A Short Retro-styled Visual Documentary, aimed to create a visual representation of people’s recollections from the past, with the unique answers collected during the interviewing sessions, and to explore the people through their memories first, rather than any other external or material factors. Responsibilities Concept, Interviews, Cinematography (selective areas), Post Production (Including […]